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Here's a smattering of sites that I enjoy visiting. Updated: Feb 18 2005.

All Music Guide
I cannot tell you how many hours I've spent scouring this website. It's the single most comprehensive music database out there. (Basically, the music equivalent of the also-fabulous Internet Movie Database.) If you can't remember what album had what song, or who was in what band, look here.

A great way to catch up on the weird news of the day. A ton of great Photoshop pictures that you see around the 'net come from here. Oh - and it's the source of most of the "weird news" and "dumbass of the day" stories that your local radio station talks about during afternoon drive.

Matthew Good
Matthew Good is a popular singer-songwriter in Canada. His 2003 album Avalanche was probably my favorite album of the year (maybe tied with Cave In's Antenna). Matt's extremely opinionated, particularly when it comes to political issues, and writes about it at length in his blog. Since he's Canadian, he's able to criticize the American government in a way that would seem unpatriotic coming from an American. I often don't agree with what he says, but it's definitely worth reading, if only to help shape your own opinion.

News Askew
I like Kevin Smith's movies. I caught Clerks in a small, crappy theater in 1994, and I've been hooked ever since. (I was fortunate to catch all of his films in their original theatrical runs - including Mallrats - up until Jersey Girl, which I just never quite got around to seeing.) This is the official "News" site for Smith's View Askew production company. The site covers the wide range of Kevin Smith-related projects and appearances.

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