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Here are a few of my website designs, past and present.
An Everclear site. Resources galore. It began in late 1997 as a guide for the mailing list of the same name. I received some help with funding in late 1999, which allowed for a major expansion and a move to its own domain.

The Nationale Blue
Prog-rock/math-rock band from Boston. Singer/guitarist Reuben Bettsak is an old friend of mine. He played in my band Stoneykirk back in 1995, and I played in his old band The Little Dipper back in 1999.

The Little Dipper
This is the old Little Dipper website. Reuben asked me to build a website for the Hartford-based band back in 1998. In early 1999, they tossed their lead singer right before a week-long Spring Tour. Since I was still in touch, and I was available, I packed up my stuff, drove to Hartford, and performed with the band for a couple of months. It was a ton of fun. We wrote a couple of amazing songs that I included as bonus tracks on Once Every Never. The site hasn't changed much since the band became The Nationale Blue in early 2000.

Nirvana Photo Gallery
My first website. I pieced it together during the summer of 1995 as a way to learn HTML. I had a bunch of Nirvana photos from old magazines - I figured it was worth a shot. Not long after graduation, I rebuilt the page and moved it to a free Xoom account. It hasn't been touched much in the years since.

Woody's Watches
Sells vintage watches. The functioning watch on the front page is my first and only foray into Java.

A & B Contracting Services
Based in Athens, Georgia.