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Chris Blackburn
Chris Blackburn is a sometime singer-songwriter and Ultimate player who dabbles in other random things like pontificating about nothing and being an Info Guy on message boards.
Chris is a songwriter, but he has an uncanny talent for finding other ways to spend his time than actually recording music. He also has very little passion for writing lyrics. And he hates how his voice sounds on recordings because it doesn't sound like it does in his head.
Chris tends to annoy people unintentionally. If that includes you, he apologizes profusely. Unless he hates you, which means he's actually doing it on purpose.
Chris doesn't like the telephone. Fortunately for him, he got three phone calls last month. Chris would prefer an email or text, unless it's important. However, Chris is ridiculously slow about returning emails. Trust me, he got the email three days ago, he's having trouble getting focused enough to write the response. When you receive it, it'll be ten paragraphs long.
Frankly, Chris would prefer to live in a cocoon, but society doesn't seem to look fondly on cocoons. He applied for a hermit license three years ago, but the paperwork still hasn't gone through.
A bio? Nah, just a rough draft to confuse the bejeezus out of anybody who might visit the site. You can peruse an old list of other Chris Blackburns if you're still not sure who this guy is.