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Chris Blackburn - Once Every Never

1) Turn Away / Fade (MP3)
2) The Mask
3) Time (Frame of Mind)
4) Men of Substance
5) Thwarted Needs (MP3)
6) Ablaze
7) Hearts of Empty Hands
8) Paving Wisconsin
9) The Ghosts of Doubt
10) Angular
11) Low / High
12) Second Wave Lullaby
30) Præying Eyes
31) Six / Seven
32) What It Means

Discs are currently off-sale.

Release Date: January 28 2003

Once Every Never is my first (completed) solo album. It was recorded at varying intervals between November of 1998 and March of 2002, but mostly after August of 2001.

The songs run the gamut from the raging opener "Turn Away / Fade" to the quieter, more introspective "Ablaze". My goal was to vary the songs as much as possible; to make no two sound alike.

The bonus songs were the only three songs that were completed for the record but didn't officially "make" it. "Præying Eyes" was more or less a demo take, left incomplete when the amp I used to record it ceased functioning. But I went ahead and finished it, warts and all.

"Six / Seven" and "What It Means" were written while I was a member of the Hartford emo-core band The Little Dipper in early 1999. A student at the University of Hartford offered to record us for his recording final, and we chose these two songs, which we considered our best. But the student opted only to mix "Six / Seven", and not very well at that, leaving us only with our modestly crappy live recordings of the songs. So, when I got home, I recorded them myself, trying to stay as close to how we performed them as possible.

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