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New Year's Resolution: Blogging

January 5 2007 01:59 PM ET (Permalink) (Comment)

There was a study recently that showed that some ridiculously high percentage of blogs in existence are inactive. (I'd point you to the article, but it's taken me so long to write this that it's out of most recent archives.)

For the last couple of months, I've been eyeing the fact that the most recent posting on this site was on January 7, 2006. I kept eyeing the date, and figured I'd have an easy time avoiding having this site be idle for a year.

That is, until I realized that January 7th is Sunday.

So I've decided to make this my new year's resolution (even though I hate the concept of resolutions and never make them): more posting here. More griping about whatever the hell is going on in the world. More random discussions about the songs I should be working on.

More banter about the other guy, who would help us all out by picking a band name for his music and promoting himself as "Band Name, featuring Chris Blackburn" rather than trying to use the bland, confusing, and circa-1995-style "The Chris Blackburn Band". That way, there's no chance of confusion between websites and Myspace pages. (Yes, I'm aware that in country music, it's popular to promote the musician. However, unless you're on a major label or used to be in a hugely popular band, it's not particularly useful.) I'm planning on using a band name for any future released material, btw.

For the record: no, I did not record American Roads, but he and I are both glad that you like it. Having said that, email about it should go to him, not me.

As for me, the more rock-based Chris Blackburn, I'm still working on material. But I'll save that for another update, just so I can be sure that there will be two postings this year.

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